Growing up in the ‘Ville where they teach you to kill

Looking for a thrill, walk the streets made of steel

Spin the wheel for the real deal, trade some dollars for a pill

And when you cut loose the juice it’s like tying the noose

Stretching the neck, bulging the eyes

Looks like the city’s a wreck with smoke in the sky

Toppled towers, dying flowers, kicking away in wasted hours

A lot of lonely people in the jail cell

With just one little phone call out of that hell

All those nights behind iron alone

You’re a degenerate drifter in the world, unknown

Your heart is like foam and you’re so far from home.


When the night lights the city up bright

You got nothing left but the fight of the flight

In the heat of the night you can’t see what’s right

You duck out of sight, lost in the blight

Of the swirling inner-city cyclone

The vortex ripping up your heart and your bones

Ghosts dancing on your broken gravestone

Overblown electrical firework disaster

You’re bowing on your knees to your forgotten master

The master blaster, solving problems faster

Than your reason ever seemed to be able to do

But now, you got the heat on you

Gunshots ringing true.


Feel the prickle and the tingle of the midnight pulse

A thousands shards of silver in your veins to course

To the heart and the mind and the essence of your humankind

Not a soul reaper in the world would buy you for a dime

Like a junked out car with no engine to run

Washed out and burned up, used until you are done

Your framework is crumbling, your interior disheveled

There are no more lights on, you ain’t on the level

Looks like the old highway has eaten you up

The sidewalks desert you; they’ve beaten you up

Got to love the winds of fate

You don’t feel them blow until it’s too late.


Now you die on the doorstep as an orphan of time

You fade like the twilight, killed for the crime

Of being somewhere you shouldn’t have been

But even if you could do it again

You’d still be here, crumbling slow

You can’t find something if you don’t know

What it is that you should look for

Not many places behind one door

Now you’re lost in the ruin of the American dream

That consists of few winners in a grand old scheme

Death is the only breath you have left

We all breathe it in when we’re born in this sin.