On a roll of the dice you left that night

Landing on snake eyes, the throw wasn’t right

You said to me, “Boy, I don’t need you.”

Then all of that love was broken in two

Getting beyond you has always been hard

I’m a Joker chasing the Queen of Hearts card

I’m just a boy but you’re more than a girl

Standing on top of my perfect world.


I thought about leaving but I couldn’t move

You’re a shot through the soul with nothing to lose

You bricked up the walls to my Shangri-La

And blocked out the sun from the Eye of Ra

All truth was revealed upon your arrival

You gave my heart to Anubis to control my revival

And all weaknesses of mine you would find

In my perfect world that you left behind.


Nothing is perfect when time stands still

There is no warmth in a long winter’s chill

Raindrops are gathering on my window sill

Your hands unleash the passions that thrill

Showing me the voids that I need to fill

Until I’m a volcano ready to spill

Your words are the bullets with the power to kill

My perfect world where you shatter my will.


I knew that you always liked to play games

In a castle of cards where royalty reigns

Where you are the bridge as well as the moat

With your skeletal fingers tight on my throat

I can’t resist you or I’ll be devoured

No man can stand up to such Feminine Power

You dealt me bad cards and my deck was hurled

Right out the window of my perfect world.