Built in 1998, Nationwide Arena in Columbus is said to be haunted by some restless spirits.

Erected on the former grounds of the Ohio State Penitentiary, the arena has a pretty bloated file folder of reported paranormal activity. Before the prison was torn down, it was vacant for twenty years and even then it was claimed that one could hear ominous pacing on death row as well as see the images of former inmates hanging in their cells.

Now, it is said that in the parking garage of the arena there still lingers the sounds of flickering fires, the screams of burning men, and the acrid smell of the inferno that engulfed an area of the old prison long ago, killing 300 inmates.

The fire was one of the worst prison fires in US history, so when you add that to the state of unrest that already exists among the criminally minded while they are cooped up in tiny cells, the ingredients for supernatural residue are quite potent.