2017 has arrived and already the old adage is being echoed all over Facebook and other various social media outlets: I sure hope this year is better than the last. A variation of a lyric from “Long December” written by Counting Crows front-man, Adam Duritz, that expression has long escaped the lips of many people when the ball drops and the bullets hit the air to ring in the brand new year.

But, I have to admit that 2016 was a pretty good year for me: my wife and I began our two history and haunts tours; we got a book deal; we began setting up another tour; got some pretty decent press coverage for a debut year; and, we just started getting our lives together, all around. It really was the first year I think I can say was “better than the last.”

But, in all truth, New Year’s Day is just a continuation of the day before, and the years that roll on after each January 1st celebrated often appear no different than its predecessor. Though, sometimes one can’t help but wonder if there really is some sort of alpha and omega point for the passing of time; are there some invisible dividing lines of time that truly are signposts of the coming and passing of eras? If so, is it the line between January 1st and December 31st, or is it much deeper? Much loner? Or, is it all just an illusion?

Often, one can reflect on a year and compare it to the year before and say, “How things have changed.” When juxtaposed, the two years can seem mighty different. I don’t know if this is due to some cosmic balance that makes change occur between the walls of specified moments, or if it is just the basic human psychological ability to categorize events by a chronicled list of dates. I vote the latter. But, in any event, if it gives people hope, motivates them to look forward and head towards better things, letting all the bad fall to the wayside as they just keep on keeping on, then I am willing to promote the idea.

Happy New Year!





Seriously, how interesting would it have been if Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern shared a ticket on a presidential campaign? Here you have two unlikely guys who have made it further than most people would have probably ever given them credit to be able to go. They are two guys who belong to themselves and say what they think and often times are pretty accurate in their analogies of current events. They are unconventional and iconoclastic, and because of that, they’ve experienced a lot of pushback through the years.

A lot of people wouldn’t give the guys a chance because the mainstream media would tell them not to; they would offer irrelevant reasons why these men should not be taken seriously. But, it would certainly be interesting to see two guys who are not owned by any corporate outlet make a stand.


I now have Facebook pages for writing, wrestling, music, film and TV, poetry, books, a Lady Gaga fan page and our Paranormal Investigating page. Since I also like to take random pictures of stuff I think looks cool, I will most likely create a page for that, too. It is also possible that I will create a page involving my interests in the Occult, LHP, Paganism and other things of like nature. These are all subjects that will be discussed here on my blog in order to propagate diversity and to exercise my eclectic collection of interests.

On my personal Facebook page, I often discuss politics and the debates get pretty heated, but I plan, for now, to leave that topic (as well as outright religious discussion) off my blog. While I may post topical pieces, I will not take any political stands as far aligning myself with specific parties or schools of thought. I will utilize the same approach with religion. I might post about Occult mythology and beliefs, and even topics of the Abrahamic religions and Hinduism and so forth, but I will not attempt to convert anyone or tell them they are wrong for believing what they believe. I just wish to share random thoughts and hope to receive replies from those who are also interested in the topics.

I’ll start providing links to each individual page as I share the posts here. So, hopefully I’ll continue to connect with people who share these interests.


Please visit my page at https://www.facebook.com/The-Black-Hat-Writer-993853770666055/

A dreary coat of grey lays over the sky as the soft rains of a warm winter sprinkle on the streets. Winter time in Kentucky is usually laden with cool, sharp winds and the onslaught of small icy pebbles bouncing along the grounds. But, not this winter; this year’s closing season has been like a second breath of spring and a continuation of autumn rolled up neatly around the land. But, I don’t complain. I like the shady, overcast skies that rise above us.

I am a winter person, though; and, I am awaiting the comfort of the cold winds and the clear gleam of the winter’s sun throwing its perpetual evening glow down on our section of the world. The stillness that pervades during the quiet hours of the season settles the soul–the hours when the smallest voice spoken can carry to every house on the street, and the simple foot-tracks of the most minute traveling stays behind for all eyes to ponder the nature of the walker’s journey. Magic is definitely abound during this time, an enchantment of nature that makes you truly appreciate the few breaths you take on this Earth.

But, for now, I will sit and watch the transitional period. I will sit and enjoy the interlude to the changing of the season, with the sounds of the winds and the rain that herald the coming of the winter months orchestrate the overture of the coda to this year and the genesis of the next.


I also have a YouTube account where I mostly discuss music; a Goodreads account where I discuss books; and, a Facebook that I’m trying to get going where I discuss anything. You’ll find them all under The Black Hat Writer and they all have the same photo I use here. Feel free to add me on any of those, too.


It’s a sad fact that more and more it seems a writer just can’t get a break. It’s hard enough to find anyone to give you a chance. When you do, it seems writers can’t even make any money off their work. It seems like the idea of becoming a career novelist is pretty much impossible.

It almost makes me feel like giving up on writing, completely. Here-of-late, my time spent actually writing has lessened considerably because I think, “Why bother? I can’t make a career out of it.” I love writing, but the frustration of having idea after idea come to me and then sprout and blossom in my mind without me having the time to bring it to life is too much. I literally have hundreds of well-formed ideas, but what’s the use? I don’t simply want to do it just for the money, but I want to make the money so I can dedicate my time to writing. But, since it seems virtually impossible to even become a paid novelist, it would almost be less painful to give up and let the inspiration run dry and die away. Then, I wouldn’t have to live with the torment of all the stories in my head that I can’t give the proper attention to.