On a roll of the dice you left that night

Landing on snake eyes, the throw wasn’t right

You said to me, “Boy, I don’t need you.”

Then all of that love was broken in two

Getting beyond you has always been hard

I’m a Joker chasing the Queen of Hearts card

I’m just a boy but you’re more than a girl

Standing on top of my perfect world.


I thought about leaving but I couldn’t move

You’re a shot through the soul with nothing to lose

You bricked up the walls to my Shangri-La

And blocked out the sun from the Eye of Ra

All truth was revealed upon your arrival

You gave my heart to Anubis to control my revival

And all weaknesses of mine you would find

In my perfect world that you left behind.


Nothing is perfect when time stands still

There is no warmth in a long winter’s chill

Raindrops are gathering on my window sill

Your hands unleash the passions that thrill

Showing me the voids that I need to fill

Until I’m a volcano ready to spill

Your words are the bullets with the power to kill

My perfect world where you shatter my will.


I knew that you always liked to play games

In a castle of cards where royalty reigns

Where you are the bridge as well as the moat

With your skeletal fingers tight on my throat

I can’t resist you or I’ll be devoured

No man can stand up to such Feminine Power

You dealt me bad cards and my deck was hurled

Right out the window of my perfect world.













You tighten your noose around my neck

Every time I look back and start to reflect

On all of my battles to earn your respect

Then you moved in to start tying the rope

That would hang me high from the gallows of hope.


I sit in your cell and remember the night

That you had begun to tie the noose right

By manipulating me with your midnight delight

Thereby loading your guns and throwing your rope

That would have me swinging from the gallows of hope.


When you came to retrieve me from that cell

You walked me back to the place where I fell

Weak in the knees to your soul-binding spell

And strung me up high from the your steel-encased rope

Then left me to dangle from the gallows of hope.


You used to say that everything was fine

You always came to me and said you were mine

All-the-while feeding me the lies on your line

That was added to the cable to lengthen the rope

Where I danced in the wind on the gallows of hope.


Somewhere in the darkness are shadows abound

And sometimes I feel you when you’re not around

Now that my breathing doesn’t make too much sound

My blood is left dripping down the knots of the rope

That keeps me tethered to the gallows of hope.


You and I never seemed to be more than a dream

Sometimes, in the end, things are more than they seem

But now I am choked so that I can’t even scream

Because your hands are still pulling hard on the rope

That strangles me on the gallows of hope.


I look down at you without much surprise

I watch as my life now drains through your eyes

And you cry haunted tears of blood and despise

That supply all the fabric for your poisonous rope

That injects me with death on the gallows of hope.


One thing is for sure about what I have learned

That trust is a spark that leaves someone burned

This I found out once the love tide had turned

Washing me up still tangled in rope

That hanged me and drowned me on the gallows of hope.


In the end I could see what your heart was about:

Deceit and destruction and black shadows of doubt

Too bad it’s too late for me to get out

For I am now one with your heartstring rope

That has made me a ghost on the gallows of hope.



We run this cycle ragged, turning over and over again

Fast along the tide and so hard against the wind

We’re waiting on the angels to come give us a ride

On their beating wings of time with a future on the side

Standing in the shadows, staring down a cliff

Hand in hand, eye to eye, we can’t help but wonder if

We went ahead and jumped blindly now, would we ever fly

Or does this mountain top we’re on loom much too high?

Is there a road that winds up to a greater peak

So we can fall head over heels whenever we feel weak?


When time is running short and the night is growing long

We explore dark corridors to find where we belong

With our arms outstretched, our fingers find only air

Because no matter where we reach, nothing’s ever there

We are on our own, there is no one who cares

About our broken feet that struggle up the stairs

But we have each other, so I know we will make due

You can rely on me as long as I can count on you

It will take both our hearts if we’re to survive it all

And we will land head over heels if we ever fall.


Now, we’re running down the mountain looking for the streams

We see beaches flooded out and buried in our dreams

Stopping short, we stare at a world that seems so far

Away and out of reach, lit by the glow of falling stars

We can feel the tension and we can taste the glory

As we hope for triumph by the ending of our story

Maybe love is a passing thought that glides through our minds

Or maybe it is destiny beyond dividing lines

My musing is disrupted by the winter and its chills

So I travel back to summer and fall head over heels.


This way is the only way we know how to fall

Erotic whispers, desperate screams, are the only ways we call

From far beyond the hills where we ran so far away

Have those words slipped your mind, forgotten for the day?

No matter where your footsteps go, I am sure to follow

Through the lands of ruin or through the burning hollow

They are places we have danced, we have slept, and we have shared

Down the rivers of your skin and the forests of your hair

I have been all over you and I love the way it feels

Just another reason that I have fallen head over heels.


We fall head over heels beneath the rains of spring

By the passing of the seasons, by the anthems that we sing

The kiss upon the lips–the devil’s kiss that burns

With the fires of romance and every tide that turns

Use that flame to cauterize the deep wounds in my soul

For I will give you faithfulness if you never let me go

Down this road we walk, from here to forever on

My sun will always shine on you, at midnight and at dawn

These vows are sacred, my blood is mixed with the mortar that seals

Each one I have spoken, talking head over heels.


We now run across the prairie of the dead and broken hearts

Into the valley of vanished dreams where all the sorrow starts

This frontier is a wilderness that lovers dare not travel

Because the tangled mysteries of love out here cannot be unraveled

They are better left untouched because they will leave you mad

Wandering an endless maze, blind, broken, crazy, and sad

I don’t want to be a stranger trekking through the night in danger

I prefer to walk with you if I am going to be a ranger

I suppose that’s why I’m out here now, lost in the night with you

We have fallen head over heels and there’s nothing we can do.


Let the hot winds pick the burning skin from our quaking bones

Let them throw our lustful bodies against the jagged stones

If I could fill this chasm between us with all I know

About lust and sex, hate, love, and death, it would surely overflow

And all our times spent here alone would never be gone

Through misty twilights into midnights and to the cracking dawn

You and I and everything that is silent standing still out here

Are wrapped up in a steaming blanket with my arms to keep them near

The only thing that is more eternal than us here is the sky

I hope we fall hard, head over heels, before we finally die.



A lot of people anticipating the world coming to an end

When I think that it has barely even gotten a chance to spin

Everything has been chaos almost from the very start

Asteroids, global winters, wars, and hateful hearts

If it’s really carnage that is meant to rule the Earth

Then every person has been claimed on their day of birth

It doesn’t take long for the wicked to prevail

But they don’t come as a serpent with forked-tongue or tail

They look just like you and I without clues in their eyes

This is why everything that’s born eventually goes and dies.


We are born on the brink of destruction

Our first word should be goodbye

We grow up on the edge of disaster

We all walk closer to the day we die

We reach the cliff over oblivion

Looking down into the abyss

We all die on the lips of tomorrow

After the Grim Reaper’s kiss.


We’ve stood on the edge of extinction, following the years

The clapping hands of the clock swallowing our tears

Crying only when we finally see that we sealed our doom

The moment that we chased the light out of the mother’s womb

Do our souls live on through all the aches and pains?

That’s the answer we all need to stop us from going insane

We live with the brightened sun always about to fade

The fingers on the hand of fate are pulling down the shade.


We sleep on the brink of destruction

It’s time for the dream to end

Awake on the precipice of ruin

Preparing to descend

We walk the outskirts of catastrophe

Waiting to tumble down

Into the ravine of eternity

Where every single soul will drown.


The time is winding down and the clock is getting dim

The Lord awaits us in the shadows and we will go to Him

Along the way there may be fire burning in the sky, dark blue

The Mother of the Night will come to place Her hand on you

The faithful and the faithless in due time will see

The answers that are true and the false idols that came to be

When the wind speaks to you, She will open your eyes

Chew the fruit to its core and Eden’s ghost will rise.


We die on the brink of destruction

And then we give ourselves away

We coast along the waves of death

Reaching the close of our final day

We seek the solace of salvation

A journey with so much persistence

Do we sail towards a gulf of blackness?

Is life a detour through nonexistence?








Growing up in the ‘Ville where they teach you to kill

Looking for a thrill, walk the streets made of steel

Spin the wheel for the real deal, trade some dollars for a pill

And when you cut loose the juice it’s like tying the noose

Stretching the neck, bulging the eyes

Looks like the city’s a wreck with smoke in the sky

Toppled towers, dying flowers, kicking away in wasted hours

A lot of lonely people in the jail cell

With just one little phone call out of that hell

All those nights behind iron alone

You’re a degenerate drifter in the world, unknown

Your heart is like foam and you’re so far from home.


When the night lights the city up bright

You got nothing left but the fight of the flight

In the heat of the night you can’t see what’s right

You duck out of sight, lost in the blight

Of the swirling inner-city cyclone

The vortex ripping up your heart and your bones

Ghosts dancing on your broken gravestone

Overblown electrical firework disaster

You’re bowing on your knees to your forgotten master

The master blaster, solving problems faster

Than your reason ever seemed to be able to do

But now, you got the heat on you

Gunshots ringing true.


Feel the prickle and the tingle of the midnight pulse

A thousands shards of silver in your veins to course

To the heart and the mind and the essence of your humankind

Not a soul reaper in the world would buy you for a dime

Like a junked out car with no engine to run

Washed out and burned up, used until you are done

Your framework is crumbling, your interior disheveled

There are no more lights on, you ain’t on the level

Looks like the old highway has eaten you up

The sidewalks desert you; they’ve beaten you up

Got to love the winds of fate

You don’t feel them blow until it’s too late.


Now you die on the doorstep as an orphan of time

You fade like the twilight, killed for the crime

Of being somewhere you shouldn’t have been

But even if you could do it again

You’d still be here, crumbling slow

You can’t find something if you don’t know

What it is that you should look for

Not many places behind one door

Now you’re lost in the ruin of the American dream

That consists of few winners in a grand old scheme

Death is the only breath you have left

We all breathe it in when we’re born in this sin.


The poetry that sings from the soul

Dwells in a tangle down below

The swirling shadow of the undertow


The face that appears in the fire

With yellow eyes born in the pyre

Is a spirit from the squalor of mire


The hand that wields the hatchet

Deconstructs its world with a ratchet

Without a will to match it.


The silhouettes we see at noon

Visit us from the moon

And act like they live in cartoons.


A journey without destination

Requires steadfast dedication

Without temptation for hibernation.


The footprints we leave in the sea

Are symbolic of our mortality:

Brief, then gone for eternity.


Now, I wake me up to stand

Guided by the Morning’s hand

We are few who understand.