Definitely digging the new song. I know there are haters saying it’s not her best or whatever, but it doesn’t have to be. This is Gaga getting real and raw like she hasn’t done since BTW, but keeping the psychedelic dance of Artpop while giving us that open and authentic poetic lyricism she displayed back on The Fame Monster. This feels like 90s dance with Gaga’s own flair for unapologetic emotional vocalism. It stays in the vein with her unbridled let-it-fly attitude when it comes to singing that she’s been displaying for the last three years. Gaga’s still dancing, but she’s ready to rock. I think it’s a damn fine welcome back for the Queen.

And I love the cover art.




Lady Gaga, a multi-award winning musician, singer/songwriter, and actress finally obtains her driver’s license at the age of thirty.

I know the feeling. Due to financial and personal reasons, I myself was unable to obtain a driver’s license until I was in my late 20s. That can be quite frustrating. On the other hand, I don’t think Gaga was experiencing any financial troubles. LOL But, she WAS pretty busy.

I know how she feels. I was so relieved when I was finally able to get mine.



Some speculated that she might turn to acting because they claimed her music career was on the slide when Artpop was released. Granted, those people also said she was “over” and, obviously, they were incorrect. Haters will hate, but the truth is that she was in acting before she broke into the music biz and this is a pretty important moment in her career as an artist. The beauty of this award being that she didn’t need to involve herself in the comfort zone of a musical role in order to win it; this honor was earned through acting. Of course, there’s going to be those who don’t like it, but they can’t change it and Lady Gaga proves she is far from over.

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On my personal Facebook page, I often discuss politics and the debates get pretty heated, but I plan, for now, to leave that topic (as well as outright religious discussion) off my blog. While I may post topical pieces, I will not take any political stands as far aligning myself with specific parties or schools of thought. I will utilize the same approach with religion. I might post about Occult mythology and beliefs, and even topics of the Abrahamic religions and Hinduism and so forth, but I will not attempt to convert anyone or tell them they are wrong for believing what they believe. I just wish to share random thoughts and hope to receive replies from those who are also interested in the topics.

I’ll start providing links to each individual page as I share the posts here. So, hopefully I’ll continue to connect with people who share these interests.


Never afraid to face her haters, Lady Gaga confronts her adamant detractors with wide-eyes and a wonderful voice as she embraces her madness in this dazzling contrast of both her light-side and darkness. As always, Gaga works hard to entertain with all the passion she has in her soul, pouring out her heart and genius in mesmerizing movements that never miss a beat. Lady Gaga, once again, proves that she is one of a kind, as she turns out another unforgettable and magnificent performance. She is most certainly deserving of all the applause she receives, and then some.