Jacob Floyd

Bio: I am a ghost hunter, avid reader, and writer of poetry and extreme horror. I like dark and evil things, and I like to play dangerous games with nasty monsters. Other than writing and reading, I like to discuss music and film, as well. My wife and I like to visit graveyards, abandoned buildings, back alleys, places that are supposed to be haunted, and other sites deemed eerie and odd. We also conduct two history and haunts tours in Kentucky. You can also follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/jacobfloydauthor/ https://www.facebook.com/spiritspeakers/ https://www.facebook.com/shepherdsvilletour/ https://www.facebook.com/eastmarkettour/ https://www.facebook.com/jacobthepoet/ Twitter is @BlackHatWriter1 Our paranormal YouTube channel is Jacob & Jenny Floyd Paranormal Investigators. You can also find me on Google+ where I am currently building a solo YouTube channel of random stuff under Jacob Floyd.

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7 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! I much appreciate the compliment. I just try to do me as best I can and hope that it works somewhere along the way.

      You have a knack for insight and feedback and that’s the kind of thing I respect.


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