You tighten your noose around my neck

Every time I look back and start to reflect

On all of my battles to earn your respect

Then you moved in to start tying the rope

That would hang me high from the gallows of hope.


I sit in your cell and remember the night

That you had begun to tie the noose right

By manipulating me with your midnight delight

Thereby loading your guns and throwing your rope

That would have me swinging from the gallows of hope.


When you came to retrieve me from that cell

You walked me back to the place where I fell

Weak in the knees to your soul-binding spell

And strung me up high from the your steel-encased rope

Then left me to dangle from the gallows of hope.


You used to say that everything was fine

You always came to me and said you were mine

All-the-while feeding me the lies on your line

That was added to the cable to lengthen the rope

Where I danced in the wind on the gallows of hope.


Somewhere in the darkness are shadows abound

And sometimes I feel you when you’re not around

Now that my breathing doesn’t make too much sound

My blood is left dripping down the knots of the rope

That keeps me tethered to the gallows of hope.


You and I never seemed to be more than a dream

Sometimes, in the end, things are more than they seem

But now I am choked so that I can’t even scream

Because your hands are still pulling hard on the rope

That strangles me on the gallows of hope.


I look down at you without much surprise

I watch as my life now drains through your eyes

And you cry haunted tears of blood and despise

That supply all the fabric for your poisonous rope

That injects me with death on the gallows of hope.


One thing is for sure about what I have learned

That trust is a spark that leaves someone burned

This I found out once the love tide had turned

Washing me up still tangled in rope

That hanged me and drowned me on the gallows of hope.


In the end I could see what your heart was about:

Deceit and destruction and black shadows of doubt

Too bad it’s too late for me to get out

For I am now one with your heartstring rope

That has made me a ghost on the gallows of hope.



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