We run this cycle ragged, turning over and over again

Fast along the tide and so hard against the wind

We’re waiting on the angels to come give us a ride

On their beating wings of time with a future on the side

Standing in the shadows, staring down a cliff

Hand in hand, eye to eye, we can’t help but wonder if

We went ahead and jumped blindly now, would we ever fly

Or does this mountain top we’re on loom much too high?

Is there a road that winds up to a greater peak

So we can fall head over heels whenever we feel weak?


When time is running short and the night is growing long

We explore dark corridors to find where we belong

With our arms outstretched, our fingers find only air

Because no matter where we reach, nothing’s ever there

We are on our own, there is no one who cares

About our broken feet that struggle up the stairs

But we have each other, so I know we will make due

You can rely on me as long as I can count on you

It will take both our hearts if we’re to survive it all

And we will land head over heels if we ever fall.


Now, we’re running down the mountain looking for the streams

We see beaches flooded out and buried in our dreams

Stopping short, we stare at a world that seems so far

Away and out of reach, lit by the glow of falling stars

We can feel the tension and we can taste the glory

As we hope for triumph by the ending of our story

Maybe love is a passing thought that glides through our minds

Or maybe it is destiny beyond dividing lines

My musing is disrupted by the winter and its chills

So I travel back to summer and fall head over heels.


This way is the only way we know how to fall

Erotic whispers, desperate screams, are the only ways we call

From far beyond the hills where we ran so far away

Have those words slipped your mind, forgotten for the day?

No matter where your footsteps go, I am sure to follow

Through the lands of ruin or through the burning hollow

They are places we have danced, we have slept, and we have shared

Down the rivers of your skin and the forests of your hair

I have been all over you and I love the way it feels

Just another reason that I have fallen head over heels.


We fall head over heels beneath the rains of spring

By the passing of the seasons, by the anthems that we sing

The kiss upon the lips–the devil’s kiss that burns

With the fires of romance and every tide that turns

Use that flame to cauterize the deep wounds in my soul

For I will give you faithfulness if you never let me go

Down this road we walk, from here to forever on

My sun will always shine on you, at midnight and at dawn

These vows are sacred, my blood is mixed with the mortar that seals

Each one I have spoken, talking head over heels.


We now run across the prairie of the dead and broken hearts

Into the valley of vanished dreams where all the sorrow starts

This frontier is a wilderness that lovers dare not travel

Because the tangled mysteries of love out here cannot be unraveled

They are better left untouched because they will leave you mad

Wandering an endless maze, blind, broken, crazy, and sad

I don’t want to be a stranger trekking through the night in danger

I prefer to walk with you if I am going to be a ranger

I suppose that’s why I’m out here now, lost in the night with you

We have fallen head over heels and there’s nothing we can do.


Let the hot winds pick the burning skin from our quaking bones

Let them throw our lustful bodies against the jagged stones

If I could fill this chasm between us with all I know

About lust and sex, hate, love, and death, it would surely overflow

And all our times spent here alone would never be gone

Through misty twilights into midnights and to the cracking dawn

You and I and everything that is silent standing still out here

Are wrapped up in a steaming blanket with my arms to keep them near

The only thing that is more eternal than us here is the sky

I hope we fall hard, head over heels, before we finally die.


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