You know, I don’t give a crap about or know anything about Pokemon. But you know what? I’d much rather hear about that game than all of the mundane, boring bullshit I constantly hear about sports. At least making Pokemon took creativity on the behalf of those who created it. It’s not just a bunch of people obsessing over a ball, running up and down a field or court, doing the same thing over and over and over, just like they have for decades.

By the way, it’s no more childish to like Pokemon than it is to tie your emotions into some athletic competition. At least Pokemon players aren’t out there fighting with people over “their team” so much to the point that it results in violence, job loss, jail time, cars being flipped, and the burning of entire neighborhoods.

You might think of Pokemon players as nerds and geeks and dorks or whatever, but at least they’re not brainless morons barbarically beating the shit out of each other and their communities over something that they’re not even involved in.

Hell, at least they are actually playing the damn game, not just sitting at home bitching at the TV because somebody messed up a play.

Give it a rest.


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