A lot of people anticipating the world coming to an end

When I think that it has barely even gotten a chance to spin

Everything has been chaos almost from the very start

Asteroids, global winters, wars, and hateful hearts

If it’s really carnage that is meant to rule the Earth

Then every person has been claimed on their day of birth

It doesn’t take long for the wicked to prevail

But they don’t come as a serpent with forked-tongue or tail

They look just like you and I without clues in their eyes

This is why everything that’s born eventually goes and dies.


We are born on the brink of destruction

Our first word should be goodbye

We grow up on the edge of disaster

We all walk closer to the day we die

We reach the cliff over oblivion

Looking down into the abyss

We all die on the lips of tomorrow

After the Grim Reaper’s kiss.


We’ve stood on the edge of extinction, following the years

The clapping hands of the clock swallowing our tears

Crying only when we finally see that we sealed our doom

The moment that we chased the light out of the mother’s womb

Do our souls live on through all the aches and pains?

That’s the answer we all need to stop us from going insane

We live with the brightened sun always about to fade

The fingers on the hand of fate are pulling down the shade.


We sleep on the brink of destruction

It’s time for the dream to end

Awake on the precipice of ruin

Preparing to descend

We walk the outskirts of catastrophe

Waiting to tumble down

Into the ravine of eternity

Where every single soul will drown.


The time is winding down and the clock is getting dim

The Lord awaits us in the shadows and we will go to Him

Along the way there may be fire burning in the sky, dark blue

The Mother of the Night will come to place Her hand on you

The faithful and the faithless in due time will see

The answers that are true and the false idols that came to be

When the wind speaks to you, She will open your eyes

Chew the fruit to its core and Eden’s ghost will rise.


We die on the brink of destruction

And then we give ourselves away

We coast along the waves of death

Reaching the close of our final day

We seek the solace of salvation

A journey with so much persistence

Do we sail towards a gulf of blackness?

Is life a detour through nonexistence?



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