Maybe all this violence in the world is tantamount to a disease running its course in a person. We can blame Liberals, Conservatives, Muslims, Christians, whites, blacks, immigrants, but the truth is that it’s just humanity that’s fucked up. The problem isn’t one specific group, the problem is us. We have too much greed and hate and prejudice in our minds, and most of us are just indifferent to the troubles and pains of others–a lot of us are the same way to ourselves, which is why we poison our minds and bodies and homes and environments. We don’t care. Why don’t we stop pretending we do? Some of us do. Some of us truly do. That’s why we get angry at all the people who don’t care. But, sadly, most people just simply don’t care no matter how much they say they do.

Ban guns or allow them; ban prejudice or allow it; help the poor or don’t; nothing will change until we decide to just be better people at heart. Actions mean nothing if they’re done just to make other people think you’re a good person. You have to actually think like a good person. Is it really that hard? Is it that hard to give a shit about people and believe that we should be a society concerned with everyone having the opportunity to live the way they see fit? Or do we really need to argue that one way is better than the other, or one group deserves more than the other, or people are better if they have more money, or are better looking, or smarter, or more talented, or can build a bridge, fix a toilet, drive a car, read really well, do math, or go to church, or whatever other bullshit reason we use to identify a class we think should rule, and keep these arguments up until they keep escalating into mass shootings, exploding trucks, and pipe bombs being dropped on mass public gatherings?

It’s all nonsense people. It’s plain fucking bullshit and it’s just stupid. Blame whoever you want. But, if you’re blaming one group for everything all the time, you’re just adding to the problem. It’s not cops or terrorists or the poor or the rich, it’s humanity. It sucks and it’s flawed. No matter who’s in charge. If they don’t care about humanity, then the empire will fall.

It’s plain and simple.


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