I shuffle through the dark interior again, navigating passed the same abandoned clutter. An air that was not present before begins to wrap its arms around me, guiding me to the corner where the small bed still stands. I can plainly see she is not there. I call out, once again, regardless, “Dark Dance? Are you here?”

Only the silence answers back. Tension winds its way up my spine. I want to jump around and kick things, punch the walls and throw things, but I don’t. I stand still, shaking, trying to calm the uncharacteristic outrage growing inside me.

Dark Dance, what have you done to me?

The heavy air constricts my throat; the room spins and I have to sit down. When I flop onto the mattress, I think I feel her, immediately. Her residual energy is swirling around the bed. I can feel her hands on my body. A slight whisper caresses my air, telling me to lie down. Instantly, I obey, falling back and letting her memory overtake me.

Something clutches my shoulders and squeezes my legs. My penis starts to move around inside my pants. Her scent returns, wafting around the bed, circling me, making me high. My body starts to move up and down as if something is pushing me. More sensations work their way through my body. Only now, where there was only immense pleasure before, there develops a severe burning, as if I am being slowly rolled into a furnace, mingling the pleasure with pain; the ecstasy and torment tumble over one another, grappling for control. My body contorts and I go blind.

“Cupid,” the hollow echo of her voice speaks. “Come to me.”

My brain feels like it spins around in my head, crushing me with a mountain of solid light, not weightless, but heavy and full. A pale blue boulder rolls over me, twisting into a yellow ball. Then, my mind is drowned in the hissing of rushing water. Cold prickles dance along me before covering me.

“Welcome to the Ocean of the Moon,” her distant voice says. “Immerse yourself in the Land of Darkness Around the Light, and dance with me, forever.”

I cannot speak, but my mind accepts and my vision returns. A large yellow moon shimmers above me. The bonds upon my body snap and I sit up, finding myself submerged in a filmy liquid. When I rise, I begin to float into the air like a balloon, towards the fat moon surrounded in the pale blue light.

Dark Dance’s disembodied voice finds me, again. “Cleanse yourself in the shaded waters and be reborn in my womb.”

I continue my ascension towards the moon until I am consumed by its undulating shades of yellow and blue. I fall in deep, penetrating the surface and swimming through its glow. I burn; I break; I freeze; and, I fall. I scream against my own silence, from the inside, and my body swells. A pinpoint of blackness appears inside the lunar haze and a vacuum begins to pull me towards it; it grows into a black circle, then a gaping hole. I scream again as I feel my breath pulled away. Soon, I am thrown through the hole back into space, hurtling across the vast emptiness, about to face eternity alone.

Then I awake back on the bed in the garage, the mattress soaked with my sweat; my clothes cling to my flesh. I look around the room: only the lonesome blackness of solitude surrounds me. A scrape to my left grabs my attention, so I look. It’s hard for me to comprehend at first because I am looking at the reflection of a man on a mattress, but there is no window or mirror there, and the man on the mattress isn’t me. His face does not return my stare. He is looking away towards the foot of his bed. I see his mouth move but I cannot hear him. A shadow starts to pass around him and then it hits me like a rushing gale through a tunnel.

The shadow is her; she has returned. But, who is she with?

Recollections of our rendezvous come back to me as I watch her faded silhouette grope and kiss the man like she did me. I cannot see her in full detail for her form is not solid, but I know it’s her. I can feel the connection, the energy, and the wave of electricity she gave off. I need nothing else. The man is solid, though, and I know nothing of him, but I hate him and want to destroy him. Dark Dance is mine!

I become enraged with jealousy and despair while watching her pleasure him. The scene is tragic to my heart and I want to either kill or die. That’s when I start crying for her, yelling for him to stop, and begging her to leave him and come to me, even if it has to be in shadow.

“How can you do this to me?” I scream. “I’ll kill you, you motherfucker, if you don’t let her go!” I scream at the man, and then back to Dark Dance. “Please, Dark Dance, don’t do it. Don’t make me watch this!”

Suddenly, the shadow stops moving. The shape shimmers and begins to solidify into Dark Dance; her gorgeous nudity mocks me under her smile.

“Watch what?” she asks. “Do you not see what this is?”

Confused, I ask, “I cannot stand to see you with anyone else.”

She smiles. “Then don’t.”

She fades back into shadow and the man beneath her beautiful body, I realize, is me. My eyes widen and so does the eyes of my reflection, though it does not look at me. “I don’t understand.”

“Do you not recognize yourself? Do you even know who you are?” she asks with disdain. “I think not. You’re a lost puppy, like all men who come to me. Devote yourself to me and I might show you who you are.”


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