The Black Hat Writer

Ellie was roused by the sound of shattering glass around 2AM. She jumped out of bed and moved swiftly to the window. Greg lifted his head and rolled over to watch her.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard something outside.” She looked down on the lot and saw something moving by their little white Camry. “I think there’s someone by the car,” she said.

Greg shot out of bed and joined Ellie at the window. The front window on the driver’s side was already busted; he saw someone dressed in black swing something long and slender towards the back window, causing the glass to explode in a sparkling puff on impact.

“Son of a bitch!” Greg said and pushed their bedroom window up. “Hey! Asshole!”

The dark figure, with the bill of its ball cap pulled low over its face, looked up and gave them the finger, then moved around to…

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