My take on Deadpool: I thought it was hilarious, for one. I never thought I’d say this, but Ryan Reynolds was great. I really didn’t care about the villain; I thought he was a quite boring poor-man’s version of Paul Bettany. Deadpool’s woman got on my nerves. I did, however, like the usage of Colossus and the Nuclear Warhead lady. There were some good fights but not very good action with a few nifty special effects. The story wasn’t great and neither was the direction, but nor were they bad.

It was a fun, entertaining installation of the Marvel Universe, not the best but better than some, and I can see why it was released in February: it doesn’t stand up to the blockbusters that the Marvel movies have grown into. It was a solid first film in what could shape up to be a very exhilarating piece of the franchise, or one that falls into the formulaic cliché as many of the rest have.

Pretty good, not great, and definitely not bad.

3.5 out of 5.

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