The Man Who Fell to Earth has now gone home. It’s a goodbye to avant-garde art rock as we bid farewell to the Goblin King and Grand Master of the glam rock scene, David Bowie. Not many people crossed styles like the Starman, nor did they touch the creative minds of so many generations. Whether he was singing pop or swimming in experimental art rock, David Bowie was never afraid to push the letter passed the edge by fusing so many musical tastes into his symphonic epics and opera-like odysseys. He reinvented the nature of music and constantly reinvented himself. True artists like David Bowie are rare, and it’s a blow every time we lose one, no matter how long they’ve been gracing the scene with their brilliance.


RIP David Bowie. This might be the fall of Ziggy Stardust, but the legacy of the Thin White Duke will forever remain.



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