Been watching the Hellraisers over again and, you know me, I have an affinity for things dark and demonic, so I guess I have a little bias here. But, I really enjoyed the nightmarish quality and sinister mystery that took place. The death scenes were Hellish and violent to the core, and the climax was suspenseful and wicked all over.

I also have to say that Craig Sheffer is a tremendous actor who, I feel, has never really gotten his due credit.

Anyway, I certainly liked it. Hollywood critics are always up for bashing horror films, but they just don’t always seem to understand the mood of such movies.


2 thoughts on “HELLRAISER V: INFERNO

    • No. This is the one where Craig Sheffer plays the sleazy detective who is hunting a killer named the Engineer, and it just so happens that the Lament Configuration ends up at a murder scene. Soon, everyone around Sheffer begins to be murdered.

      I’m not big on found-footage films. But, I’d give the Hellraiser a try just because.


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