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This is an extension of the Cave Hill visit on 12/22/2015. This session was conducted at the grave of former Frito Lay magician, and mentor to Lance Burton, Harry Leon Collins. We had been there once before with two other people who enjoy the paranormal expeditions and had received some clear responses. While reviewing the Cave Hill videos, we found that this one has a couple of unsettling moments.

At 2:50, Jenny steps up to the statue and says, “What happened to all your stuff?” This is referring to the cards and pennies that were there during our previous visit. A voice comes back through saying what we believe sounds like, “That’s too close.”

At 3:53, Jenny asks, “Anyone want to speak with me?” What sounds like the same voice possibly responds with, “I already have.”

Then, despite having been fully charged, the camera begins to lose battery power; and, just before we end the session, there is a disruption in the sweep as you can hear it inexplicably slows down. An interesting thing to mention is that during our first session there, Jenny tried to reverse the sweep and the sweep stopped and a loud, deep hum was roaring out from the radio. I wish we would have had the video camera, then.

Anyway, we will be posting the other Cave Hill videos, but we felt we had to post this one right away.


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