The early work of Dean Koontz has often been an inspiration of mine. I know some feel that a few of his books have been lacking, but he has written so many that it is to be expected. I appreciate his ability to take every idea and bring it to life.

I also appreciate the fact that most of the time his protagonists are ordinary people. They’re not spies, millionaires, government operatives, or whatever. They are average josephines and joes in extraordinary circumstances. The same can be said for my protagonists in the Mystery of Ms. Peabody, Ellie and Greg Singer.

Another aspect I’ve always liked about Koontz’s work is how grounded in realism it is. A lot of the times, there is a very natural explanation for things that seem supernatural–much like the work of Edgar Allen Poe. Also, the endings tend to come without over-the-top dramatics and draw to their conclusions in a very authentic fashion: a knife to the back, run over with a car, shot to the head–things like that.

I know people don’t always like his work, but the elements of his writing are very relatable, and I derive inspiration from his style of storytelling.That much is evident in the Mystery of Ms. Peabody.


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