It sometimes amazes me the mindsets that still exist. Today, even though the beard craze is back, people still look at those of us who grow them as lazy slobs. How aloof some people are with modern society often makes me chuckle. They think, “Hey, that guy doesn’t want to shave so he must be a bum.” It’s absurd.

Look, I’m a casual type of guy. I always have been. My father was, and most of the men in my family have been. You might one day see me in a suit if it’s somewhat eccentric, but you’ll never see me as a suit-and-tie kind of guy. I’ve never worn a tie and I probably never will. It’s just not me. Now, that’s not a knock against anyone who dresses that way. I’m all about people being who they want to be. But, I’m not for people trying to tell others who to be.

The stigma that sometimes comes with being a casual-dress, bearded guy that we don’t like to work is insane. I have always worked hard at my jobs, no matter how crummy they were and no matter how low they paid. My father was a hard-working man, as well.

But, some people just have superficial mindsets and may be good at picking out style, but they lack in analytical senses and mental depth. It seems like there’s always someone wanting to judge somebody.


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