I always say there are two types of writers: those who simply want to be and those who have to be.

I’m not the type to think I’m changing the world with writing. I just love writing stories; but, more than that, I really have no other option. Writing is the only thing that keeps the madness at bay. So, the beast in my head cannot be denied as it claws its way through my brain.

A storyteller both observes and absorbs the world with their eyes and their minds, and it bleeds through their soul in the words they write. That is how I perceive the craft.

My ideas are vast and versatile, spanning the genres of horror, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and literary fiction. I have a knack for and a proclivity towards the dark, the violent and the bizarre. I explore the depths of humanity in their most triumphant and most depraved. There are two sides of the flesh: the shadow cast and the light that unveils it. I prefer to view existence through both ends–and that is the stance from where I normally write.

I also enjoy taking every day people in every day lives and putting them through something extraordinary. That is how I approach mystery, usually.

I seek representation with the goal of becoming a career novelist. As I said: my ideas are numerous, I just need someone to put them out there. My endgame is writing fiction for a living. As for the details in between, I am quite flexible.

Because I know it is important, I will go ahead and say this–Yes, I am quite capable of entering into the world of social media and promoting myself. I have no qualms about that and I have many years of practice gabbing on Facebook. I am easy to work with and very open to suggestions. If it lands me behind a computer and notebook to make my living, then I’m on board.




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