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A dreary coat of grey lays over the sky as the soft rains of a warm winter sprinkle on the streets. Winter time in Kentucky is usually laden with cool, sharp winds and the onslaught of small icy pebbles bouncing along the grounds. But, not this winter; this year’s closing season has been like a second breath of spring and a continuation of autumn rolled up neatly around the land. But, I don’t complain. I like the shady, overcast skies that rise above us.

I am a winter person, though; and, I am awaiting the comfort of the cold winds and the clear gleam of the winter’s sun throwing its perpetual evening glow down on our section of the world. The stillness that pervades during the quiet hours of the season settles the soul–the hours when the smallest voice spoken can carry to every house on the street, and the simple foot-tracks of the most minute traveling stays behind for all eyes to ponder the nature of the walker’s journey. Magic is definitely abound during this time, an enchantment of nature that makes you truly appreciate the few breaths you take on this Earth.

But, for now, I will sit and watch the transitional period. I will sit and enjoy the interlude to the changing of the season, with the sounds of the winds and the rain that herald the coming of the winter months orchestrate the overture of the coda to this year and the genesis of the next.


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