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I know critics and fans alike are currently a buzz, but I’m not feeling it. I think for everything it lacked in originality it made up for with predictability. There was nothing, to me, that was a surprise. Also, while basically feeling like a near-remake of the original Star Wars and borrowing a storyline from an old Star Trek film, the movie made sure to look a lot like LOTR and the new Star Trek movies (thanks J.J.). Not that any of the films have ever been known for great and consistent plotting, there were a few small aspects of the film I thought were silly (but, won’t say–spoliers.) and I felt it was pretty anti-climatic.

All that aside, the movie was a visual triumph. It looked great and had some pretty solid action scenes and wonderful special-effects. I thought the casting was perfect and the acting was superb–probably better than any Star Wars of the past on that aspect. It was definitely less cheesy, too.

All-in-all, I certainly enjoyed the movie, for the most part. I’m a big advocate of measuring a film by its genre and not having one set standard for all films. For instance, I didn’t go to this movie expecting an in-depth, captivating narrative with Oscar-worthy acting like a Godfather film. I expected a fun, good-looking, entertaining film–like a sci-fi action film is supposed to be. Star Wars delivered on that. But, I do wish there had been a little more originality and I wish they wouldn’t have taken away the villain’s mystique so early.

The movie doesn’t rank with any of the originals (77,80,83), but is better than Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. I actually enjoyed Revenge of the Sith, so I won’t step out and say it was necessarily better than that one.

I’d give it 3.25 out of 5.


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