Recently, my wife and I have embarked upon an interest both of us have had for many years, even long before we knew each other: the paranormal.

Now, I am already fascinated with the Occult and many studies regarding the topic. So, finally getting to delve into the search for possible life after death has been pretty enjoyable, so far.

Now, we’re not the type to go out there and tell everyone we are scientists or that we know everything questionable is paranormal. What we do is conduct spirit box sessions, take pictures and film. We recently acquired an EMF meter, as well. We view everything rationally and look for natural explanations.

I have had my questionable experiences over the years, yet have often remained skeptical. But, let me just say that in the short time we have been doing paranormal research, I have already seen, heard and felt things to bend my skepticism. There are many things that are peculiar but could possibly be explained; there have been incidents or pictures where I was fooled at first but was later able to debunk them; but, then I have seen things I simply cannot explain.

I understand a true skeptic who was not present (or even was present) will always find something to explain everything away, no matter how absurd even the “logical” explanation can sometimes seem. But, there are just things you have to be personally witness to  before you can understand that sometimes these so-called “scientific” explanations are just too wild to apply.

Anyway, this will be a topic added to the myriad of topics already shared on this blog. So, anyone who is interested in said topic, check out our paranormal Facebook page:


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