I now have Facebook pages for writing, wrestling, music, film and TV, poetry, books, a Lady Gaga fan page and our Paranormal Investigating page. Since I also like to take random pictures of stuff I think looks cool, I will most likely create a page for that, too. It is also possible that I will create a page involving my interests in the Occult, LHP, Paganism and other things of like nature. These are all subjects that will be discussed here on my blog in order to propagate diversity and to exercise my eclectic collection of interests.

On my personal Facebook page, I often discuss politics and the debates get pretty heated, but I plan, for now, to leave that topic (as well as outright religious discussion) off my blog. While I may post topical pieces, I will not take any political stands as far aligning myself with specific parties or schools of thought. I will utilize the same approach with religion. I might post about Occult mythology and beliefs, and even topics of the Abrahamic religions and Hinduism and so forth, but I will not attempt to convert anyone or tell them they are wrong for believing what they believe. I just wish to share random thoughts and hope to receive replies from those who are also interested in the topics.

I’ll start providing links to each individual page as I share the posts here. So, hopefully I’ll continue to connect with people who share these interests.


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