Here’s a version of the query for my current book. Anyone want to offer some helpful feedback?

Ms. Peabody  seems to have inexplicably vanished from existence. There is no sign of a struggle and nothing is missing from her home. There is nothing suspicious about the disappearance, except for the scream Ellie and Greg Singer heard coming from her apartment in the middle of the night. With the recent string of murders in the area, by an unknown killer called the Strangling Butcher, the young couple fear the worst for their elderly neighbor.

When they are told that she probably just left without anyone seeing her, despite having no vehicle of her own, the explanation doesn’t sit well with the Singers. So, they take it upon themselves to start snooping around, and when they uncover a bloody knife upstairs in the next door unit, they know they were right to be suspicious.

After the authorities are alerted to this finding, the Singers become the target of someone who is hell-bent on keeping them silent and making sure that they mind their own business. Disturbing events begin to occur: they begin to receive ominous phone calls in the night; someone smears blood across their door; and, they even have to ward off a late-night prowler clad in black. When another scream is heard next door in Ms. Peabody’s unit, Greg goes to investigate, and what happens next plunges Ellie into a deeper nightmare. Now, with the killer possibly on her heels, she must scramble to survive the night, as the mystery of Ms. Peabody catches up to her.

A Hitchcock-style mystery with an 80s slasher-flick finale, The Mystery of Ms. Peabody is sure to keep your bedroom light on well into the night.


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