Birds of prey and ancient wonder

Rumble over the land like thunder

Distant shadows, falling light

Rob our treasure vaults at night

The misty mountain’s glare by moon

Will eclipse the kingdom soon

And all that has been revealed

By the sword and by the shield

Will surface and then we will see

Out-of-towners like you and me

Come riding in on morning’s breeze

From the shadows of the trees.

The eye of twilight’s carousel

Spun long before it finally fell

And the world whirled by like rays

Of empty sunlight in the haze

Sprayed out like rain and a mist

That could be held in my fist

And sealed forever when we kissed

In the apple while the serpent hissed

Our gardens burned across the land

The towers wobbled where we stand

Becoming rubble in the grass

Shattered like tumbling glass.

I could die if you did cry

The lie goes by as I would try

To keep the vampires all at bay

To force them out into the day

And watch them scatter as the ash

That spread upon a lightning flash

And washed away when tides did crash

The winds, they like to whip and lash

But you and I, we like to dance

And ignore the dark knight’s lance

At our backs, but just like ghosts

We ride the winds along the coasts.

Now in enchanted times we flock

Like ticking hands across the clock

The time piece is our masterpiece

As high as geese, as soft as fleece

The curly hair that, much like snow,

Shines bright white where light moves slow

Shows wizened age of the sage

Cascading down his final stage

With words of knowledge for all those

Who like to wear educated clothes.

No night beyond the battered day

Promises to go away

Upon my path I will not stray

Inside this palace I long to stay

But with you I must take a stand

I hold a diamond in my hand

Where your face is reflected

And my heart is resurrected

You will become my billowing cape

Flowing behind me like a drape

Keeping eyes from seeing in

Only you know where I’ve been.

There is no darkness that stands tall

Like the monument we have for all

Who look at danger and then say

“Keep your tidings and go away!”

For in the dome we call our home

The enchanted forests never roam

And no demise meets our eyes

We keep back storm clouds from our skies

But when the castle in the south

Casts its flame from out its mouth

We dance for rain and in the end

The fire is doused and cleansed of sin.


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