Excerpt of some rough draft writing.

Ellie left, stopped for White Castle on the way home and watched TV for about an hour before deciding to take a bath and go to bed. She slept pretty deeply despite tossing about. Frightful dreams grasped her mind. She saw Greg burning at the stake and she saw Officer Edwards chasing her with a bloody dagger. She dreamed that Ms. Peabody kept coming up the stairs, standing in the bedroom doorway and screaming as loud as she could as the blade of a knife wriggled about in her mouth like a fish. Sometimes, she would realize she was dreaming and try to wake. But, she was so far gone from the exhaustive events of the last couple of days that all she could do was weakly push against the tides of slumber. So, she lay there enduring dream after dream, quivering against the winds of her fears, seeing things she never wanted to see, unable to do anything more than open her mouth and try to scream. The night, it seemed, would never end.


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