It was empty, except for the echo of your voice

But that was just in my head

You are my long-ago memory of choice

When I choose to walk in the past

Yesterday carries much more serenity

Today carries only lonesome insanity

And tomorrow is more of an inevitable fear

The dread that I carry when light filters in

Telling me that the outside is still near

And my locked door is but a thin barrier

Between my soul and the realization of this singularity

Life without familiarity

I am a joker who lacks hilarity

I guess that makes me just a joke

A jester who doesn’t jest and a juggler with no hands

I’m a jack-in-the-box without springs

Trapped in the box and never stands

Yesterday and tomorrow:

On that disparity I must choke.


I sleep on a bed of daggers

I scratch at a metal door

I look at an iron ceiling

I walk on a burning floor

The walls drip with every color

An ever-changing, blinding prism

Casting sinister shines within my prison

I scream, I dream, the room starts to teem

With wicked creatures that my weary mind conjures

Real or imagined, their sorcery injures

And I’m left with scars that I draw on the wall

In flesh and blood to mark off the time

That ticks away slowly as all the days fall

While I’m incarcerated by the snakes on my spine


Beyond the door, the hallway to Hell

The land of the lost bathed in the light

Of the morning’s inferno and the sun of the dawn

To me, it is Styx, leading me to the night

Somewhere around me I can feel the Reaper

The cold wind chills as much as he kills

It seems that, now, he is my keeper

The harbinger of death, face pale as bone

I walk back and forth on a pathway to madness

The sadness disease brings me to my knees

I bounce off these walls when I think of what’s gone

And I cry with my head on the floor

Pining for a world that will be no more

So leave me be and I’ll stay locked away

In doom, in gloom, confined in my tomb

A hermit, recluse, cut loose in his room

Yet chained to the sorrow impending tomorrow

And too much a coward to muster the power

To open the door and cross the red river

Passed Tophet into winter to summer to spring

Somewhere when I enter my slumber I fling

Down all defenses and lower my guard

But, my sanctuary is surrounded by fences

And, I’d love to leave it but it’s just too hard.


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