Every line I come to, I keep walking down

Every bridge I meet, I wander across

Every street in the city and every road in the hills

I can’t stop my feet from travelin’


I walk through the forests ‘neath sun and moon

I tread water on rivers and circle their shores

I skate along the highways under the storm

And on clear days, too, I waltz through the world


I skid on the ice and trudge through the sand

I climb the fences, the walls and the gates

The barricades are unable to halt my path

My journey is strong and contumacious


I walk and I run through wind and rain

I ramble the countryside in a dream

I’ve scooted down railways and lurked in subways

My feet clacked on concrete in so many places


I’ve strolled into the mouth of disaster

I stomped right up the spine of the Beast

She gave me wings, taught me to fly

And hand-in-hand we walked through the sky


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