Congratulations to My Favorite Musical Artist

The Black Hat Writer

(The brilliantly gifted Lady Gaga entranced by the passion for Her beautiful art-form.)

Okay, just to get it out there, in case you didn’t know, I am a huge, HUGE, HUGE fan of Lady Gaga. Yes, it may seem strange that I am a thirty-something-year-old man obsessed with the Gaga experience, but I cannot help it. I love her voice, her words, her music, and her songs. I like her image, her style, her fashion, her character. I think she is brilliant, talented, and cool. Watching her interviews, I find her to be vastly intelligent, humble, kind, and profound. Her style is eclectic, much as her image. Her influences range from Elton John and Prince to Bruce Springsteen and Iron Maiden, and those styles show through a lot in her work.

So, with that being said, I was one of the defenders of Artpop. A lot of people, I felt, just didn’t…

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