Another absurd adventure into the everyday psychosis of human existence, the Coen Brothers bring to us a new contretemps at the hands of their extremist satirical view of the world around them. Burn After Reading is depressing idiocy at its most artistic. This facetious romp is another shining example of the filmmakers’ ability to poke fun at their subjects and to make great entertainment out of misfortune brought about by pure stupidity. A great cast dances at the ends of their colorful puppet strings, both annoying and entertaining the viewers with their outlandish antics and superficial styling.

In contrast to the seemingly artificial outline of the film, no fear is shown when it comes to taking a dark turn towards the brooding and self-obsessed nature of each character. They will do almost anything, sacrifice everything, either consciously or un, in order to reach their endgame. Often times, the players find themselves at a precipice of confusion and despair disguised beneath their visions of grandeur only to realize the danger just before the final step plunges them into the abyss.

Another bit of masterful storytelling and expressive filmmaking, the Coen Brothers delight us with another detailed depiction of the doltish and deluded. Burn After Reading is the sad side of life, hilarious and harrowing at the same time.

4 out of 5 stars.



    • Normally, I don’t much care for Pitt, but I thought he did an excellent job in this one. It kind of reminded me of an expansion of his role in True Romance. It was like that character grew up and became a dopey, metro fitness instructor. LOL

      My favorite performance in the film came from John Malkovich, though.

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      • Now you mention it, I can see where you’re coming from with that comparison True Romance.
        And yes, John Malkovich was great, but then I find him to be very good in comic roles. I thought he was quite similar in RED.

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