A look into the past shows a glimpse of the future: Terminator Genisys retreads and reboots everything we thought we knew about the mighty franchise.

The mythology of the series has always been a bit muddled, somewhat ludicrous, but still fun to sit around and theorize about when alone with fellow fans of the theatrical machine. In this installment, everything is thrown out the door as they seem to be refueling for a brand new series. The little wrenches thrown into this labyrinthine plot, already somewhat confusing and frustrating to decipher, make it a bit more mind-bending. Seemingly, once again, the future has changed the past and that has changed the future. All bets are off and all old rules have broken through the windows. For better or worse, a new world is on the rise.

While the story throws everything through a new loop, the action and special effects remain pretty standard. Arnold delivers, as par for the course, his customary dry wit and menacing mechanics. The big surprise here is the ferocity with which Emilia Clarke delivers her version of Sarah Connor, standing right alongside Linda Hamilton’s unforgettable performance as she battles in a never-ending cycle through the course of overly-fast-paced action sequences that don’t slow down until they stop.

Although it relies mostly on quick action and cheap thrills, the film is not a bad one, overall. Though none will probably ever top Judgment Day in action, atmosphere or development, I feel this new beginning has enough entertainment value to warrant a sequel. All-in-all, we can just call it “Terminator: Welcome Back, Arnold” and enjoy the robotic mayhem as it crashes through the silver screen.

3 out of 5 stars


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