You told me we’d walk on the road to paradise

You sold me those words as cold as ice

And I bought your vow with all of my gold

I put everything out so you could grab hold

I threw it all on the table; I did it for you

I handed you my heart and everything true

I was too young to think further ahead

Than the product you gave me there in your bed

Extorting me with your body and skin

Making me crave death again and again

You did it so well–this is your game

You’re a merchant of paradise buying my name.


You taught tricks of the trade I hadn’t seen

Down to black markets where I hadn’t been

Without you I might have kept up my smile

And walked around blind in the world for a while

But you made me an addict for your kind of love

Your fed me your blood on the wings of a dove

Your bargains and deals I could not refuse

So cunning and devious, you could not lose

I was your slave; you sold me the chains

Running your nails across all of my veins

Vice is your weapon, your ammo and art

You’re the merchant of paradise who sold out my heart.



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