It’s a sad fact that more and more it seems a writer just can’t get a break. It’s hard enough to find anyone to give you a chance. When you do, it seems writers can’t even make any money off their work. It seems like the idea of becoming a career novelist is pretty much impossible.

It almost makes me feel like giving up on writing, completely. Here-of-late, my time spent actually writing has lessened considerably because I think, “Why bother? I can’t make a career out of it.” I love writing, but the frustration of having idea after idea come to me and then sprout and blossom in my mind without me having the time to bring it to life is too much. I literally have hundreds of well-formed ideas, but what’s the use? I don’t simply want to do it just for the money, but I want to make the money so I can dedicate my time to writing. But, since it seems virtually impossible to even become a paid novelist, it would almost be less painful to give up and let the inspiration run dry and die away. Then, I wouldn’t have to live with the torment of all the stories in my head that I can’t give the proper attention to.


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