I lived through the days of love and hate

The constant battle I had with fate

A confrontation I could never win

Kept me from finding peace again

I hoped that maybe something would change

During those days I wandered estranged


I survive the days when the rain never stops

With waters rising to flood mountaintops

Ships go down in the ocean that lies

Raging in the storm there in our eyes

I’ve been there; I know where you are

I lived those days; my heart has the scar


You say that the world is weary and bleak

You confess that your heart and spirit are weak

I know that pain, so I can relate

My walls were shattered by the thunder of hate

Fragments of it now lie everywhere

I’ve had those days when I just don’t care


The roads before me are both bad choices

Rife with sad and hollow voices

Here I am beckoned by temptation’s call

To be carnal or killed, to be made to crawl

This highway of pain rolls forever on

Of mercy, those days have all come and gone


Die off in aguish or find a way out

That’s what the plight of those days were about

My shadows and I now search for the sun

For without its light, my shadows are none

They are the glory from those golden rays

That never once came during those days


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