Today, like a soft spring rain that fell over me

A fluttering heart in a stuttering sea

Drew wishes from whispers, the wind and the breeze

Laid sunlight like blankets across dying sees

The night is my unicorn–fancy and free

An array of deep sparkles of colors and creeds

Under monarch wings, we sway as it sings


Lyrics of eternal desire and fame

Fate on four sheets turned to the wind

Scrawled with my heartstrings is your name

My lover, my friend, my beginning, my end


In a shadow of silence, a dark cloud of pain

I reach for you but I can’t take the strain

Our last bridge was burned; I set it aflame

If I keep you in mind then I’ll go insane

Now lost in the rain on a lonely old street

My worn, bleeding feet drag on the concrete

I look into windows and see you on my face

And a world behind me as empty as space


Music of death brought on by the sorrow

A symphony of soul fire, a dirge to tomorrow

Funeral bells that ring for the night

In tune with my final march through the light


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