One of the hardest rappers ever in the game taking a knockout shot at his old group-mate, Dr. Dre, who had previously released a track bashing Eazy. But, Eazy shows who the true gangster is by using his street-tough, no-nonsense lyricism to expose Dre as being nothing but all show and daring him to do more than make studio threats. Along with BG Knocc Out and Dresta, Eazy spits the insults at his new nemesis with his free and fierce vocal flow, aggressive and straightforward words, reminding Dre who the real deal’s always been.

Dynamite comes in small packages and Eazy was ready to blow it up as he always did. A true pioneer of the great and long-gone Gangsta Rap genre throwing up one of his most dangerous anthems of ghetto poetry. Always severe, always vicious, Eazy-E will always be one of the all-time greats.


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