One of the all time greats in equality anthems, “Born This Way” goes straight for the heart and doesn’t waste words or energy in telling it like it is. In true Gaga songwriting fashion, nothing is held back here and the profound prodigy doesn’t flinch when speaking her mind. There is no word-mixing, no hiding behind clever metaphors or the usual sly duality of her lyrics, just a pure, unabashed, in-your-face declaration of Lady Gaga’s enlightened view of herself and humankind.

The song rumbles across the album fusing 90s R&B flavor with thrashing 80s power pop, lifting the spirits and igniting the soul into a frenzied dance of liberation for anyone who has ever doubted themselves. Gaga hits hard and fast with the video, perfectly contrasting the song’s sparkling echo of empowerment with a dark and sexy surrealism, treating us to a deep and insightful glimpse into the mind of the maestro of this monstrous masterpiece.

“The Manifesto of Mother Monster” is a gorgeous gemstone of wit, revelation and unity unparalleled by many who have tried to send this message. In the world of acceptance, both of self and others, and love and independence, this modern marvel is among the greatest creations.


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