The humorous half-pint hellraisers from Despicable Me come to us in a time before Gru, often delivering moments of absurd hilarity. The constant barrage of stupidity flies at you nonstop as the gibberish-rambling mini-lunatics find themselves in one hot bowl of soup after the other in their ageless search for the most evil master alive. By happenstance, Bob, Kevin and Stu wander the globe, finding trouble at every turn, only to bumble their way from the jaws of danger into another frying pan of peril. Though it’s not the greatest of films, and not on par with its predecessors, Minions might be worth the watch for the inane gags of the unintelligible halfwits as we watch them destroy one situation after the other. If you decide to come to the show, bring your sense of humor, but leave your brain at home.

RATING: 3 out of 5 stars.


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