An in-depth study of the excessive self-destruction of hedonism, this brilliantly poetic masterpiece has reigned as one of the most powerful and important songs in the annals of rock music since its release. The music captures the over-indulgent attitude while the lyrics spurn the spirit with warnings of the ominous darkness looming above this western circus of carnality and avarice. Don Henley’s voice is perfect for the song as it croons the wandering weariness of a man caught in the haze of temptation and exhaustion which, once one has submitted to it, offers no escape.

Deep and enchanting, it always has been and always will be one of my favorites.



  1. I remember this song to have been touted as satanist in my neck of the woods. Our ‘elders’ used it to scare us. It just made us listen to it more carefully because our young minds didn’t understand. If we had this review of yours then, it would have demystified everything in a snap and made us sleep better.

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    • Thanks for those words. That means a lot.

      I might have some insight as to why people may have thought that song Satanist. It might be because if one is familiar with the philosophy of LaVeyan Satanism, it preaches a lot of carnality and excess, which are both certainly heavy elements within this song.

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