POEM: TIMES FADE (from collection TIMES FADE)

The Black Hat Writer

A candle’s burning in the window

In the third eye of your mind

A new era soon arises

From the lies time leaves behind

On wings the sky chose to banish

Hoping knowledge would soon vanish

To be replaced with prejudice and hate

A small rebellion can set things straight.


Now that we are laughing and crying

We stand like children in the rain

They can’t hold back, but they keep trying

Fighting the change that comes in vain

The storms, they cleanse us, and make us better

My child, do not be afraid

Like words upon an ancient letter–

Times fade.


Now, see the herald, it flashes bright

Between the stars of night and day

The people who pretend to be righteous

Will see that they are the ones astray

Archaic curses and passing blessings

The believers used to kneel to pray

Are reduced to whispers in…

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