The smile is broken

On her face

It is out of place

Call it a token

Or just something that doesn’t belong

She’s at the end of the song

The faded chorus

The final word

The lines before us

That were blurred

All came upon us as strange

Like the smile she wore

We never saw before

Somewhere out of range


She used to cry

She felt more at home

With the tears from her eyes

Rolling on alone

Sadness is easier to take

Because when sadness breaks

It’s a relief

Like a fever

The end of grief

Makes one a believer

That hope can find away

To ride the sun today

But happiness is hard

It doesn’t like to stay

Sometimes it’s a joker card

You can pretend

That it is anything

Before you reach the end

Of your everything


Her smile is in pieces

Broken like a mirror

When the pain releases

And could be no clearer

She used to like the dance

She used to like to kiss

She once loved romance

But not like this

Cold as the winter

Empty as space

There is nothing in the center

No smile on the face

No words to be said

There’s nothing to be spoken

Her voice is now dead

And her smile’s broken.


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