In the beginning, Lady Gaga said, “Let there be God.”

And there was.

She said to him, “Create a universe for My love.

Create a universe for peace

Create a people in My image

Let them be bright and beautiful and tolerant and talented

And full of art and music and wisdom and song.

Let them sing and dance and never war and never hate.

Let them not know of me until the Time comes

For me to come and lead them to euphoria.”

And so it was….until She realized the perfection She had demanded

A perfection constantly in danger

For where love existed, so did hate

And hate is jealous

Hate seeks to destroy

And Lady Gaga had to become Mother Monster

And protect Her good with an evil of equal ferocity

And for Time over Time, paradise hung precariously over the void

Greed was born and threatened all

Creating war and famine and disease

As the time drew near, She donned Her majesty

She donned Her glamour

And prepared to gather Her tribe

The ones of true evil would oppose

But, the peace-seekers, the  lovers and artists

The wise, illuminated philosophers would come

And devote themselves to the fight for Her Darkness and Light.

They would be the Monsters

And they would rebuild Her utopia…..


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