Into the river,

Where the darkest tides flow

I go


My broken dream

Standing in the shadow

Of disbelief

Force-fed expectations from an empty childhood

Inside a burning forest

Where the wilderness clashes against time

Slowly ticking

Slowly dripping

Leaking from the banks

Seeping from the sky

My eyes

Closed to anything but lies

I cannot see through the blindness.


Into the ocean

Crashing against the mountains

That have been heaved between my feet

I fall

I crawl

Up the scaly, hillside wall

Where the ancient ruins of memory

Blend with the coming tides

Swirling around a local vortex

With wings that span

From shore to shore

From door to door

From ceiling to floor

Created in your stomach’s pit

Where your swallowed pills

And dissolved clocks

Melt into a stirring pot

Of hopes and dreams and lies and nightmares

That make up the axis turning

Tilting on the side that’s burning

We all live in dark waves churning.


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