When He said, “Let there be light,”

Did He mean illuminate?

When we’re born, we’re given sight

Does He want us to ruminate?

Is the difference between wrong and right

Something we’re meant to contemplate?

Or do we just do as we’re told

And spend a life of servitude

With hearts and minds that have gone cold

And stagnate, soft and still so crude?


Now, everybody raise your hands

To a God that understands

That you can’t meet His demands

Who will be cast to the flame?

To burn away in sin and shame?

Those who refuse to be the same.


We He fell out of the sky

He came to help us use our minds

To live like our souls will not die

To lead us away from all the lies

He speaks to us, beneath the dawn

Of knowledge and of being wise

He is the Light that shines on

The darkest roads before our eyes

He says to live and love and learn

But He’s the one they want to burn.


In the name of the enlightened Lord

Who gives us keys to every door

Or to the one that most kill for

While His words, they ignore

Prejudice is in their teaching

Tell me, then, whose God is speaking?


Raise your hands; raise a cross

Raze the church and speak of loss

Raise a prayer; raise your voice

Do you follow chains or choice?

Free your mind and rejoice

Raise your eyes and spread your wings

Whose God speaks when freedom rings?


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