Of all the ships from the north I sail the greatest one

Out from the ice horizons into the golden sun.

The golden sun drips along the sea

The silent frozen serenity

Spreads out the world before me.

At my side hangs my sword

My crystal shield across my back

I’ll take this shivering world by storm

No one can defeat my fleet

No walls can stand to my attack

I was born on the wings of a dragon

I was raised by her icy flame

For years, I carried the wagon

To build my strength and earn my name.

Of all the vessels that ride the storm, mine remains the king

A golden mast and silver sails shining like a diamond ring

I cross the ocean to unknown lands

Conquest resting in my hands

Under darkened skies and blinking stars

I mend my eyes and all its scars.

For, I have seen death that I can’t tell

I’ve stood where old empires fell

I’ve shot the bow and swung the axe

I’ve slain the men and whipped their backs.

Now, I ride the sea for farther shores

Pushing my men to turn those oars

Even once their arms have turned to led

We will wield the haft until we’re dead.

Now howls the night, its wintry glaze

So stings my eyes with its mystic haze

Loud rings the song we sing for war

Heavy, the rumble as we ride the shore

Then land we find in the dark of night

This cloak of shadows veils our sight

The Valkyries shall guide our light

Like our flaming arrows we now ignite.

March, march–on that battleground

March, march–we’ll bring them down

March, march–into the fight

March, march–for morning light

Blood will spill by the dawn

And what was there will then be gone

And we will sing our song of might

Aboard a vessel to Valhalla.

Of all the crafts that crawl the oceans, mine is one of myth

For falling proudly to Odin’s Hall, whom forever we shall dine with!


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