Your heart has torn a thousand times

Your soul is broken; so is mine

The remains scattered in the dark

To the winds, ripped apart

But when you to start to pick them up

I’ll be there to interrupt

When you almost feel like you’re complete

I will be that missing piece.


The shadows stretch across the moon

That rises in the afternoon

Drowning daylight in the shade

Behind the rock where spirits fade

Into the dust of ancient times

The echo of the distant chimes

Calls for darker souls to be released

I am their missing piece.


So, when your day feels so wrong

And heartaches in the night are strong

And you feel like you are lost

Shattered, scattered, and then tossed

Into the wind to disappear

You’re left holding a shred of fear

It’s incomplete and your heart’s decreased

You’ll long for that missing piece.


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