Moonlight vixen

Straight from Hell

I need your fix

You step so well

You feel so good

I start to swell

It’s understood

I’m just a male


And now I’m caught between

Your diamond nightmare and a dream

You stomp on me and make me scream


I’m under your high leather heels

Tied-up, beat-down–

I love the way it feels

I’m just a toy for your thrills

Under your high leather heels.


Dragon lady

Claws of fire

Up from Hades

Your desire

Brings the flame

Burns it higher

I am your slave

You are the pyre.


And now I’m underneath

Every dark fantasy that you want to keep

So, please trample me beneath your feet


I’m under your high leather heels

Forbidden apple in my mouth

I’m the pig that squeals

On your spit, my body spills

Onto your high leather heels.


When you pull me in your chamber

Suspending me above your danger

I don’t mind if I’m a stranger

Taking lashes from your tail

Teased and tortured until I wail

I live for your degradation

I’ll empower you with subordination

Because I love the way it feels

Beneath your high leather heels


And now I’m on the ground

You laugh as you hear my whimpered sound

Your rage spins my world around


I love your high leather heels

Spat on, cussed at–

I don’t care if my bruises heal

My body shakes from the pleasured chills

Of your high leather heels.


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