Everybody walks united

But everybody stands alone

Politics keep us divided

Every man is on his own

They sing songs of God and country

But all that they profess are lies

Our interests are a selfish sundry

We are warlords in suits and ties


We can’t see beyond the prison

Of social status and material

We have fallen instead of risen

For all our goals are imperial

Our eyes see only our reflections

We wear blinders that control our sight

They make us soldiers for collections

We worship money; we worship might


This is the death of a crowd

Who used to value humanity

Who were not fooled by the shroud

Of wealth and fame and vanity

People who used to like to think

And raise their heads and protest loud

But now, they’ve caused that ship to sink

To bring the death of a crowd.


And now that these are trying times

We keep our tongues to ourselves

We ignore the corporate crimes

And use their victims to fill the jails

Disease is rampant in the streets

The cries of children sweep the halls

Slaves can’t afford the shoe their feet

Are we content with ghetto walls?


Now we walk as ghosts and shadows

As faded blurs and empty souls

That flicker to vanish on dying candles

Forsaken to plummet down the holes

Dug deep by those who have forgotten

That we weren’t born to gather gold

And leave the fruit to spoil rotten

Because we let its knowledge grow old.


This is the death of a crowd

Who used to care about progression

Now, that movement is not allowed

The enlightenment is in recession

All the liberators are underground

Because we’ve been beaten and cowed

But when our time comes back around

We’ll avenge the death of the crowd.


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